About the Cloud

Virtual Cloud Benefits and Business Benefits

  • The cloud is incredibly flexible and resource efficient. In addition to providing huge storage space, it also offers many business specific solutions. With it your business will not need additional hardware or software.

  • The cloud is accessible anytime, anywhere (as long as you have Internet) and gives you the freedom to work at your preferred time and place. It is the perfect solution for people traveling, working remotely or freelancers.

  • The cloud is reliable. If one server does not work, you will still have access to your data - another server will take its place. All your resources will be saved. Your data is in a secure place that no one but you can access.

    The cloud automatically backs up your data and retrieves it on request. Your business information resources are stored in the cloud and you will be guaranteed to access them. Even if your laptop, smartphone or tablet are defective - you just need to find a working computer or laptop with internet access.

  • Top security of your information is one of the main focuses of teh Cloud. Every aspect of the security of your data is monitored and updated. Data is encrypted in the cloud to ensure that no unauthorized persons can access it. Unique security settings are provided for each user.

  • The cloud is quickly scalable. Rapid increase and decrease allows you to keep up with the demand. If the application requires a large resource additional servers will be automatically provided and the provided service will not be affected. The cloud will provide what is needed.

  • The cloud reduces the cost of system integration and administration. Centralized management facilitates the addition, maintenance and removal of workplaces. Provides a common software base for many different computers and applications in one organization.

  • The cloud measures consumption. Consumers only pay on a per use basis. There is a meter in the cloud that measures the consumption of resources and users pay only for what they use.

  • The cloud unites the team by helping employees perform better, collaborate and work together more effectively.

  • The cloud is eco-friendly - you won't need a lot of hardware, physical products and energy and will reduce your footprint on the environment.

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