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All services we offer are based on different virtualization methods and are based on virtual machines. Virtualization allows software to simulate hardware well enough to distinguish virtual from physical machine. Our services are not tied to initial investment in software and hardware. On the contrary - with them we save you the big upfront costs and the running costs of utilities and qualified staff. Virtual machine software and resources are rented on a monthly basis and you only pay for what you use.

Software as a Service - SaaS - This service makes applications virtual, deploys them on a centralized virtual server and enables you to manage them centrally. SaaS retains their full functionality and increases their productivity. Allows you to use heavy applications even though you have weak and old desktop computers. SaaS reduces the need to upgrade PCs. For the end user, these applications look like they are running on their local computer.
With SaaS, the end user still needs a local desktop computer. Suitable for organizations where employees have work computers, but the organization wants to implement software that is heavy for employees' computers.
SaaS enables applications requiring a particular operating system to be accessible to devices running another - e.g. applications requiring Windows to be available on Android, iOS, Mac OS, Linux, and more.

Desktop as a Service - DaaS - You separate the workplace (desktop) from the physical machine on which the operating system, user settings, and applications are installed. DaaS uses virtual machines so that each individual user has their own completely independent individual environment, as if they had their own physical computer.
When your organization's desktop computers start to grow old and lack of computing power, DaaS allows you to skip buying new computers, but to move your staff applications to virtual desktop machines. Old local computers can simply become clients that you use to transfer consoles (mouse monitor and keyboard) on virtual desktops to your employees' workplaces.
An additionl benefit of DaaS is the ability to access it from anywhere in the world, as well as access from smartphones and tablets running different operating systems, from virtual desktops.
DaaS is extremely suitable for temporary (seasonal) sites, start-ups, project work and more. Eliminates the need to buy hardware and software licenses that remain yours forever. Virtual machine software licenses and resources are rented month after month and you pay only for what you use.
DaaS enables virtual desktops to delete changes made to their configuration during the last session and the next one starts working with predefined mandatory settings. This makes DaaS extremely suitable for study rooms and public workplaces (eg libraries) where the risk of configuration change is high and undesirable.
Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS - You can build your organization's entire information infrastructure, including servers, networks, routers, firewalls, desktops, and applications. IaaS helps to achieve higher performance and flexibility while optimizing operational and initial costs and maintenance costs. IaaS includes SaaS and DaaS and adds the ability to build a comprehensive information infrastructure for your organization, including the public services you
IaaS eliminates the need to buy hardware and software licenses that remain yours forever. Virtual machine software licenses and resources are rented month after month and you pay only for what you use.
IaaS is particularly suitable for start-up companies allowing them to save large initial investments in information infrastructure, as well as for those already established in the market who want to upgrade their information infrastructure and optimize its maintenance costs.
Hybrid infrastructure - With our services - IaaS, DaaS and SaaS in combination with the existing physical infrastructure that your organization already has, it is possible to build a hybrid information infrastructure using your available information resources and adding only those you need. This will allow your existing physical servers and computers and purchased software licenses to continue to repay their investments until such time as their use becomes unprofitable. Then you can easily replace them with virtual ones instead of investing in new expensive machines and applications.
Hybrid infrastructure has become increasingly preferred by organizations over the last few years as it enables them to seamlessly transition fully to cloud services.
Technical assistance in building your own cloud. Our highly skilled professionals will help you make the most optimal solution for your own cloud structure, methods and procedures for a seamless transition to cloud services without hindering or delaying the work of your employees and customers. Our years of experience show that with good organization and planning of transformation activities to cloud services, employees feel the change only when they see the productivity gap.

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