ResoThic Advantages

Worldwide IT departments are improving and in the same time simplifying their company's infrastructures. One of the paths to achieve this is by creating a very fast scalable and flexible IT environment using thin clients. With the modern Cloud technologies like SaaS, DaaS nad IaaS the need of an old fashioned desktop computer or laptop is becoming obsolete. The more reliable in many ways technology takes its place in the work process. The use of thin clients is not limited only to offices and can be a perfect solution for workplaces in the production industries, video surveillance, IOT and practically anywhere else where a workplace for a custom task is needed. With the Resothic many wireless capabilities the need of a lan cable drops out. A keyboard and mouse is also not needed with the use of a touch screen for many applications like kiosks, terminal displays, machine controls and more.

A quick list of the advantages:

  • Cheaper than standard desktop computer or laptop
  • Consumes less energy
  • Easy replaceable
  • No end user maintenance needed
  • Almost no IT support needed
  • More secure
  • Small and saves desk space
  • No hardware maintenance

  • Can be attached to the monitor VESA
  • Can be controlled remotely
  • Increases the end user work process and effectiveness
  • Quick setup a new workplace - no installation needed
  • No long repair times as the standard desktop PCs
  • Ensure company's data privacy
  • No unwanted software and viruses
  • Green and environment friendly


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